Smart Synchronization History

Sync Progress

The sync progress shows the files that currently get synchronized and pending changes after the current transfer.

Send Command

Shown for the current transfers are transfer rate, remaining data, and already transferred data. If Mountain Duck synchronizes files in a badge, the file state might differ from the state within the file browser. The sync progress display is limited to 5 entries.

Reveal file

Selecting an item reveals the file in the Finder (macOS) or File Explorer (Windows).

Recent Files

The Recent Files area shows the last 20 items that Mountain Duck uses for one of the following operations:

File Actions


Send Command

A file or folder has been deleted either by you or on the server


Send Command

A file or folder was created or updated on the server.


Send Command

A file or folder was added or changed and is uploaded to the server.


Send Command

A file or folder is downloaded to the local cache to be available for offline use. This state also occurs if a file that is marked as Keep offline has updated on the server.


Send Command

The sync operation failed for the file.

Send Command

A file may show up with an error state indicating an issue while synchronizing. Further details are available through the sync option menu item.

Application Display

Windows Only

The application that was used for editing the file is displayed within the Recent Files area.

Reveal file

Selecting an item in the Recent Files section reveals the file in the Finder (macOS) of File Explorer (Windows).

Clear Menu

Clear out all entries of the list by clicking on the Clear Menu button at the bottom of the menu.