IDrive® Cloud

IDrive® Cloud is an S3 compatible cloud object storage solution. We provide a scalable, low-cost infrastructure for unlimited data storage. A platform-as-a-service, IDrive® Cloud can be used for various purposes like securely archiving data, hosting a web or mobile applications, or even as robust storage for data analytics.


Double-click on the downloaded file to activate the connection profile.


Create S3 Access Keys from the IDrive® Cloud Console.

  • Download the IDrive® Cloud S3 Oregon region profile for preconfigured settings for authentication.

  • Download the IDrive® Cloud S3 Virginia region profile for preconfigured settings for authentication.

How to create a S3 Access Key
Keys can be generated in the Settings section of the Profile Details within the IDrive® Cloud Console:

  • Click on your username and select Settings

  • Navigate to the Profile tab and click on Create New Access Key. The generated S3 Access Key will be displayed in the User Keys List.


You can have a maximum of 2 pairs of S3 Access Key and Secret.

OpenStack Swift

  • Download the OpenStack Swift (Keystone 3) profile or install it from Preferences… → Profiles for preconfigured settings for authentication.

Enter the following authentication credentials to the bookmark:

  • Server:

  • Project:Domain:Username: Your project, domain, and username separated by :

  • Password: API Password

How to get the API Password
The API Password can be obtained from Swift API Password section of IDrive® Cloud console.

IDrive® e2

IDrive® e2 is a fast, reliable and affordable object storage solution with S3 API compatibility. It is an ideal solution if you need a second copy in the cloud, off-site disaster recovery, an active and accessible data archive, or long term storage.


Connection Profile

Download the IDrive® e2 Connection Profile or install it from Preferences… → Profiles for preconfigured settings.

Manual Configuration

Enter the following information in the bookmark.

  • Protocol: Amazon S3

  • Server: <your endpoint>

  • Access Key ID: <your access key>

  • Secret Access Key: <your secret access key>

Create S3 Access Keys

You have to create access keys to use a third party tool:

  1. Sign in to your IDrive e2 account via web browser.

  2. Navigate to the Access Key tab and select Create Access Key.

  3. Enter name and specifications: regions, permissions, buckets.

  4. Select Create Access Key. The access key will be generated and the details of the key will be displayed in a popup window.


The prompt contailing the access key information will only be displayed once. Make sure to save the details for future use.


IDrive® e2 provides a unique domain name for each user region provided within the access key details. If you’re missing your domain name, you’ll have to generate a new access key. Note: Only the Admin can create and manage access keys.