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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) provides two separate Object Storage solutions: OCI Object Storage and OCI Object Storage Classic. Both of them can be accessed using Cyberduck.

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OCI Object Storage



All connection profiles are available through the Preferences → Profiles tab.

For connecting to OCI Object Storage, Cyberduck version 6.4.0 or later is required. You need to use the OCI Amazon S3 Compatible API.

Follow these instructions:

  1. Create an Amazon S3 Compatibility API key by following the instructions within the Oracle Cloud Documentation.

  2. Download the connection profile for the region you want to use:

  3. Open the downloaded profile by double-clicking on it in Finder or Explorer. It will be opened by Cyberduck. On macOS, the connection profile will be opened automatically in edit mode. On Windows, you may need to edit the bookmark manually.

  4. Set a nickname (e.g. OCI Ashburn)

  5. Update the entry in the Server field and replace <namespace> with your tenancy’s namespace (For more information about namespaces, and ways to find your namespace refer to the Oracle Cloud Documentation)

  6. Enter the Access Key that you obtained while creating Amazon S3 Compatible API Key

  7. Save the profile

  8. When you try to connect, you will be prompted for a Secret Key

  9. Enter the Secret Key that you obtained while creating Amazon S3 Compatible API Key


For adding a region profile, you need to download the profile for that region. Duplicating a profile and only changing the region endpoint will not work and will result in Listing directory / failed errors.

OCI Object Storage Classic


Follow these instructions:

  1. Download the Oracle Storage Cloud profile for preconfigured settings using the /auth/v1.0 authentication context.

  2. Enter the following information in the bookmark:

    • Protocol: Swift (OpenStack Object Storage)

    • Server: For example, this is

    • Username: ServiceName-IdentityDomain:UserName. For example this is

    • Password: Oracle Cloud Password

    • Tenant: Oracle Cloud Username

    • OCI Object Storage Classic Regions

      • us2: Chicago, IL

      • us6: Ashburn, VA

      • em2: Amsterdam

      • em3: UK