Windows Azure Blob Storage

Azure Blob Storage

Massively scalable object storage for unstructured data

Connecting to Windows Azure Blob Storage


Edit the hostname to connect to your account in the format <account>


Azure Files Storage is not supported.


Account and Key

You must obtain the login credentials (Account Name and Primary Access Key) from You can find the keys in the section Access keys. In the login prompt of Cyberduck upon connecting to Windows Azure you enter the Storage Account Name for the username and Primary Access Key for the password.

Shared Access Signatures (SAS)

You can use a SAS when you want to provide access to resources in your storage account to any client not possessing your storage account’s access keys.

  • Download the Azure (Shared Access Signature Token) profile or install it from Preferences… → Profiles.

Cyberduck CLI

You can list all containers with Cyberduck CLI using

duck --username <storageaccount> --list azure://<storageaccount>`

For a storage account named kahy9boj3eib that would be

duck --username kahy9boj3eib --list azure://

Refer to the Cyberduck CLI documentation for more operations.

Access Control (ACL)

You can edit ACLs in File → Info (macOS ⌘I Windows Alt+Return) → Permissions. To make objects in a container publicly accessible, choose Everyone → READ. Note that this applies to all files in a container.



To create a new container in your account, browse to the root and choose File → New Folder… (macOS ⇧⌘N Windows Ctrl+Shift+N).

Blob Type

Uploads are stored as append blob type by default. You can use the hidden configuration option azure.upload.blobtype which allows the values BLOCK_BLOB, PAGE_BLOB and APPEND_BLOB.


You can edit standard custom metadata. Choose File → Info → Metadata to edit custom headers.

Default Metadata

Currently only possible using a hidden configuration option you can define default headers to be added for uploads. Multiple headers must be separated using a whitespace delimiter. Key and value of a header are separated with =. For example, if you want to add an HTTP header for Cache-Control and one named Creator you would set

defaults write ch.sudo.cyberduck azure.metadata.default "Cache-Control=public,max-age=86400 Creator=Cyberduck"

Shared Access Signature URLs

A private object stored in Azure Storage can be made publicly available for a limited time using a signed URL. The signed URL can be used by anyone to download the object, yet it includes a date and time after which the URL will no longer work. Copy the signed URL from Edit → Copy URL→ Signed URL.

Shared Access Signature URLs


Currently only signed URLs with a validity of 24 hours are available.

Access Logs

Configure access logging for buckets in the Info panel.

Windows Azure Blob Storage



One of the Request Inputs is out of Range

Please follow the Naming and Referencing Containers, Blobs, and Metadata guidelines.