Mountain Duck is licensed on a per-seat basis. Each license is valid for one user. The license can be used on multiple devices as long as the same user is accessing the application.

Licenses are registered to the email address in use while purchasing. Buying more than one seat using the same email address, you will receive a single multi-user license file meant to be used for all users.

Trial licenses

Downloading the trial version of Mountain Duck, a license popup will open. Select Request Trial to download a 14-days trial license.


Please reach out to Mountain Duck support for extended trial requirements in enterprise deployments.


How many licenses do I need?

Mountain Duck is licensed on a per-seat basis. You have to buy a license for everyone who wants to use the software. One license can be used on any number of computers as long as it is the same user accessing the software.

Can I use the same license for the macOS and Windows version?

Yes, the same registration key file can be used on both platforms.

Can I use my single-user license at work and at home?

Yes, but you cannot share it with your co-workers.

Can I use my single-user license on multiple machines?

Yes, you may install Mountain Duck on multiple computers as long as it’s exclusively used by yourself.

We are a company with multiple users. Do you offer a site license?

You need a multi-user license for the number of employees using Mountain Duck.

Do you provide discounts for students and educational programs?

Yes, we offer a 30% discount for college/university students, staff and faculty at all grade levels. Use your academic email address and drop us a line at to get your discount coupon.

Please note that for academic labs with non-personal computers a per device licensing model applies.

How does the licensing work in a Terminal Services environment?

You need a license for each user who needs access to Mountain Duck through Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) e.g. on Windows Server 2008 R2.

How to install the registration key for a multi-user license?

You purchase multiple licenses contained in a single registration key to be installed on multiple computers. Double click the registration key file to register your license. In case you make use of a software management system on Windows to deploy Mountain Duck you might add a post-deploy action to add the license key to the installation copying alongside the application.


You always receive a single registration key containing all purchased licenses for multi-user deployments.

Is the registration key valid for future version?

The license is valid for one specific major version. For future major versions, we provide upgrade discounts depending on the date of purchase.

Switching from Trial to Mac App Store

To use the version from the Mac App Store after testing the application, you have to uninstall the current installed version prior your purchase from the Mac App Store.

Known Issues

No license file received

You won’t receive a license file after purchasing via AppStore because the application is registered to the store account in use while purchasing.

Additional reasons for a missing license file can be:

  • A key is sent when the payment is no more pending.

  • The license file will be sent to the registered email. Typos can misslead the email.

  • Check the spam folder of your email application.

Not a valid registration key

Your license file is valid for an older version of Mountain Duck. Please upgrade your license file to use the latest version of the application or revert to an older version.

An additional reason might be, that your email application changed the license file while downloading. Make sure that the filename of the registration key ends with .mountainducklicense. In this case please try the following:

  • If you are using a webmail provider, try using a different browser or email client application to access your mail.

  • Contact you hosting service provider how to download attachments.

  • Forward the mail to a different mail account where you possibly don’t have an issue downloading attachments.

  • Change the file extension of the license file back to .mountainducklicense.

Recover license files

Registration keys can be recovered using the email address you registered while purchasing.