Seagate Lyve Cloud

Lyve™ is an edge-to-cloud mass storage platform from Seagate®—built for the distributed enterprise to capture the unstructured data explosion.


  • Protocol: S3 (HTTPS)

  • Server: <your endpoint>

  • Access Key ID: <your access key>

  • Secret Access Key: <your secret access key>


Available endpoints are

  • US-East-1 (Virginia):

  • US-West-1 (California):

  • AP-Southeast-1 (Singapore):

Create access keys

You have to create service accounts within the Lyve Cloud console to use third party tools:

  1. Sign in to your Lyve Cloud via web browser.

  2. Select Service Accounts from the sidebar menu and choose Create Service Account.

  3. Enter the name and permissions.

  4. Choose Create. The access key will be generated and the details of the key will be displayed in a popup window.


The prompt containing the access key information will only be displayed once. Make sure to save the details for future use.