Microsoft OneDrive

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Microsoft Graph, OneDrive, and SharePoint support using a standard OAuth2 authorization flow.

The OneDrive connection profile is bundled by default and connects to the endpoint Login with your personal or business account to when prompted to grant access to Cyberduck.

  1. OneDrive uses OAuth 2 for authentication with When opening a connection, a web browser window is opened to grant access to OneDrive for Cyberduck.

    OAuth 2 Authentication
  2. Copy the authorization code into the login prompt in Cyberduck to complete authentication. Subsequent connections will not require authorization, unless the refresh token itself is expired due to inactivity. OAuth 2 Prompt

Multiple Accounts

You can connect to multiple accounts at the same time. Create a new bookmark for every account and run through the OAuth flow.

OAuth Reset

If you have accidentally logged in with the wrong OneDrive Account or want to change the login of the OneDrive bookmark you can reset the OAuth token by deleting the entries related to https://Microsoft OneDrive (user) out of the Windows Credential Manager or on macOS out of Keychain


All authentication codes expire after 90 days. If you get the error message Forbidden. The caller doesn't have permission to perform the action. [...] due to this known issue remove all entries that are related to Microsoft OneDrive and from Keychain or Windows Credential Manager. After that, you’ll be prompted to reauthenticate.

Which Protocol to Choose?

Allows access to


Bundled by default

Microsoft OneDrive

Your Drive, and shared files

Works with your personal and business OneDrive


Microsoft SharePoint

All sites document libraries and accessible group document libraries

prior Cyberduck 7.8 / Mountain Duck 4.4: The default sites document libraries and accessible group document libraries

The connection profile is named Microsoft SharePoint Online in versions prior Cyberduck 7.8 / Mountain Duck 4.4


Microsoft SharePoint Site

A single SharePoint Site which isn’t listed within the Microsoft SharePoint profile

Can’t mount specific directories


Microsoft SharePoint Document Library

Can’t mount specific directories

Does not allow access to groups

Only needed for versions prior Cyberduck 6.9 / Mountain Duck 2.7


Office 365 Deutschland


The separate Microsoft Cloud Deutschland won’t be available anymore after 26. Oct 2021. For more information regarding the migration refer to this announcement article.

  1. Download the Microsoft Office 365 Deutschland OneDrive profile

  2. Use the Microsoft Office 365 Deutschland OneDrive profile and login with your * account to to connect to your OneDrive

Cyberduck CLI

You can list the root contents of your OneDrive with Cyberduck CLI using

duck --list onedrive:/

Refer to the Cyberduck CLI documentation for more operations. For subsequent invocations make sure to include the --username parameter and set it to the email address registered with Microsoft to allow the lookup of previously saved OAuth tokens.


There are some limitations that you should keep in mind while working with.

  • We’ve added support for Microsoft 365 China in Cyberduck 7.8 / Mountain Duck 4.4 but aren’t able to verify if it works properly.

  • No interoperability with Microsoft 365 for US Government (other services may apply as well)