In general, user adjustable preferences are discussed in the context of the topic in all wiki pages.


Choose the language of the user interface. It defaults to the system language when set to Default. Thirty localizations are included.

  • On macOS, the first matching language is chosen according to the Languages list within System Preferences → International. To change your preferred language for all applications, change the preset hierarchy.

Send Command


An auto update feature will alert you when a new version is available and self update the application. Choose Preferences → Update → Automatically check for updates. You can also get the latest builds by a manual download.

Snapshot Builds

Snapshot builds include the latest changes and are published regularly. These builds are not tested.


Beta Builds

Beta builds are published before a release and include the latest features and have been tested but haven’t release quality yet.

Hidden Configuration Options

There are some settings which aren’t yet available in the Preferences either because they are not considered stable yet or not of general interest. Follow these steps to enable a hidden preference referenced in the wiki:

Type the defaults command given in a (in /Applications/Utilities) window and restart Cyberduck.

defaults write ~/Library/Preferences/ch.sudo.cyberduck.plist <property> <value>

Alternatively you can create a file in the application support folder. Add the setting as follows: