Spotlight (macOS)

Search bookmarks with Spotlight

Cyberduck includes a custom Spotlight Importer Plugin to search the contents of its bookmarks files.

Using the Spotlight Menu


The Spotlight Menu does return no results for recently connected servers in Cyberduck because it excludes indexed files located in ~/Library/Application Support/Cyberduck/History. This is also an issue for Adium.

As a workaround, you have to export all bookmarks to another location such as your Documents folder. Select all bookmarks (⌘A) in the bookmark list and drag these somewhere in your Documents folder in the Finder. You can then search bookmarks in the Spotlight Menu by nickname and hostname. Additionally, to display all bookmarks as a result search for kind:"Cyberduck Bookmark".

Create a Smart Folder in Finder to Search Bookmark Files

Using custom search criteria, you can create a smart folder in to display all recently connected servers and other bookmarks you have manually exported from Cyberduck.

Follow these steps:

  • Choose File → Find in the Finder.

  • Select Contents as a search criteria matching the text kind: "Cyberduck Bookmark".

  • Add another criteria using the + button.

  • Select to include system files in the custom search by choosing Other… in the criteria drop-down menu.

System Files Criteria
  • Choose System files as search criteria and choose are included as the value.

When configured, the saved search looks the following:

Cyberduck Saved Search