Enter Cloud Suite Object Storage

Enter Cloud Suite Object Storage a Pay-Per-Use Storage provides IaaS public object storage that you can use to archive large amounts of data in a variety of formats in the cloud. You only pay for the space and time you use – starting at 0.075€ per Gb per month – and can even archive data for very short periods of time.


Connection Profile

  • Download the Enter Cloud Suite (Keystone) Profile for preconfigured settings.

Use the Tenant ID email and password to login. See API Access.

Enter Cloud Suite

Manual Configuration

Enter the following information in the bookmark:

  • Protocol: Swift (OpenStack Object Storage)

  • Server: api.entercloudsuite.com

  • Port: 443

  • Username: Enter Cloud Suite credentials email

  • Password: Enter Cloud Suite credentials password

  • Tenant: Tenant ID from the OpenStack RC File.